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Reefur's WE8LE Patch 0.9 DVD
Date Added: 13.07.2005 05:00:22
Description: Fernando v3 translation

100% stadium translation and assigned to real teams including hidden stadiums!

100% kits(kel,spark,opm,wendetta,mirust,stebachini,billy)

100% stadiums(7 by me the rest by wendetta,ariel,and others including hidden stadiums)
YES ALL stadiusm are edited..although some are in beta stage...snow stadiums and uefa
champions league night stadiums included for many teams.....stadiums assigned and made
for 2 teams(day+night) ie. inter day milan night san siro..and of course realistic textures

100% flags and supporters banners(some generic ones maximo and i made when there was none)

100% gloves for each goalkeeper often 2 different pairs

90% numbers for all teams ie nike/adidas/puma etc and personalized for real madrid,juve etc

100% player translation including default ML and future ML youth

100% real stadium pictures for edit mode and mode select

Solidus pes4 pc latest chants patch applied

2 stadiums replaced
nagai-->stadio do dragao(porto)
estadio nacional-->el monumental(river plate)

100% graphical replacement ie all flags,logos,backgrounds,menu icons etc by reefur and higgs

WE8LE bootpack by chriztopher with boots by pika/yogui and his edited pallettes and boots

ALL text in str files replaced to real WEFA-->UEFA league names...cups tournaments and so on

all fake cups and tournaments replaced with real counterparts..FIFA Club World Championship added over
konami cup. UEFA Champions League playable in and out of ML...

UEFA Champions League intro by reefur WE8LE lite edition + optional ronaldinho&stand up speak up intro

4 completely different sets of working rotating adboards!

rotating champions league adboards by frenkie..

rotating olimpico rome adboards by reefur + others

rotating delle alpi juve adboards by reefur

rotating san siro adboards by reefur + others

new balls , by zstinger, kel and others adidas fevernova,LFP aerow,red roteiro,red cl finale,EPL aerow blue,
EPL hi viz aerow,AFC aerow gold edition

callnames for wefa championship changed to real ucl theme...

music 100% replaced
Last Download: 20.01.2018 21:19:04
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